Mating, Dating and Relationship Making

Trying to have a successful, loving, honest and fun relationship while being twenty years old is harder to accomplish than it sounds.  The majority of the twenty-something population wants to roam around humping and dumping every hottie they find at the club.

For some of us, that is just not the lifestyle we want. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, the whole concept of ‘f*cking and chucking’ is fun, exciting and something you should definitely get out of your system in your twenties, but it can sometimes also maybe, possibly lead to some not-so-fun stuff: STD’s and STI’s, sad/loneliness, no real affection etc. 

Everything in life has huge pros and cons; so to each is own! 

We all go through phases and ride emotional roller coasters in our twenties, unsure of what or who we want to have relationships with. But, I promise that you will wake up one morning…hungover, tired, hungry, sore and lonely…and you will have a yearning for a loving hug and a gentle massage, and it won’t be there…and you will willow in loneliness for eternity!!! 

Well, no…maybe not that extreme. You really will have that moment of realization one day though, and it might feel sad and you might want to fill that void. So, FILL IT.

The younger we are when we start dating, the sooner we realize what we DO and DON’T want out of a partner. Get all the bullsh*t out of the way early.

From personal experience, I look back on all the nut-job, clinically insane, f*cking whacko’s I’ve dated and…wow. How I made it out of those relationships alive is really questionable. But, all of it has happened for a great reason and a lot was learned from those experiences. 

Being young and in love sucks most of the time; but enjoy it while you can. Before the crying and breaking up happens, learn to appreciate each moment you are happy and know that those moments are what matter in life. The relationships you have at this stage in life aren’t what you will remember years down the road, but the experiences and fun you had will be. 

You only have one life; so love often and deeply. Don’t be afraid to have emotion and be vulnerable (that’s what makes you human). Put yourself out there and get the person you want! (Looking back and thinking ‘what could have happened’ will eat you up inside).

Really, my point here is that building relationships with people helps all of us grow and learn and figure ourselves out. So, even though dating in your twenties may seem scary and the relationships may only be short term…they are doing so much good for your long term.  


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