Oh, You Hate Your Job Too¿?

For those of us with less than average ambition to succeed in a part-time–not paid enough for the work– job, being happy with what we’re doing to earn money can be pretty hard.

Since that ripe legal working age of sixteen, we’ve dealt with rude customers, unfriendly bosses, awkward work environments and wages that barely cover eating habits.

But alas, there may be hope!?

Unfortunately, no. There is no hope. So sorry to bring you down and be super honest here, but jobs suck at our age.

Now don’t get me wrong, there are some twenty year olds that know exactly who they are, exactly what they want, and who have magically landed amazingly fun and rewarding jobs; but such individuals are few and far between.

As for the majority of us, the keys to surviving the misery is to:

First, accept that working bull sh*t jobs is a part of life, all the greats have worked part-time jobs as young adults! So, get over it, get over yourself if you think you’re too good for your crap job, and try not to b*tch too much.

Next, you must set a goal to work towards. Yes work sucks and you want to quit and live in your parents basement free-of-charge forever, but you probably want to see the world as well. So, this job is sadly your ticket to those goals.

And finally…SAVE MONEY! Save, save, save. I promise you that saving money will change your life, make you happier, less stressed, and will make your dreams that much more attainable. Open a savings account if you don’t already have one, and put a minimum of 10% of each pay into that account (thank you Dad for teaching me how to start saving at a young age!!!)

You want that McDonald’s Happy Meal? Nope. Those shoes are hipster and you neeeed to have them? Again, NO!

Just think of every pointless item (expensive clothes/take-out food/drinks at the club etc etc) that you buy as one extra day of work at your job because to reach your goals, you’ll have to make up the money you used to buy all of that useless sh*t. The items might seem great and make you happy for a minute, but after a while you’ll just cry into your empty wallet and think of all the things you can’t do now.

We have so much time to live on this earth, that we won’t even remember how awful our jobs were when we were twenty, so just go for it. Pretend it’s your favourite job in the world and get yourself into the financial position to be able to quit your job, (make sure to be professional and give two weeks notice, that is a lesson you don’t need to learn for yourself) take that money you’ve so stressfully worked for, and get your ass to another country and find who you are through life experiences!

Now don’t get too carried away and land yourself in a mental institution for having a breakdown from working too hard, but pick up that extra shift if you have no plans, ask for more hours if you’re only getting five a week.

The moral here folks is that;

You are going to hate the jobs you work at this point in your life, you will probably hate half of your coworkers, you will not make enough per hour as you should. But I promise that if you just shut your mouth, punch in / punch out every shift, and don’t blow your money…you will one day see how much that bad job enabled you to do so many things!


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